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Frequently Asked Questions

Directions / Parking


The photo, video and recording policy varies for each show. Please be on the look out for this information in an email that will be sent to all ticket buyers prior to the show.

What are your box office hours?

  • Monday through Friday, noon until 6:30pm at the Pabst and Riverside box offices, as well as 1 hour before the doors open for each show.
  • Turner Hall Ballroom box office opens 1 hour before the doors open for each performance.

What time do performances start?

The building and bars open one hour prior to most performances. (This is referred to as "Doors time".) Performances start 1 hour after the listed "Doors open time" unless otherwise noted.

I'm running late, can I still be seated?

Latecomers will be seated when the ushers feel it appropriate.
If you have any questions or concerns during the performance, please ask the ushers.

I lost my ticket, can I still get in?

We can reprint tickets sold through our system at any point before and during our shows with proof of purchase (photo ID or charge card used to make the purchase).

Are there intermissions? How long are they?

Generally there are intermissions but this depends on the artist. We usually find out one way or the other by a few hours before the show's scheduled start time. Please call (414) 286-3205 Mon-Fri Noon - 6:30 PM for more information.

Are refreshments offered?

Our bars at the Pabst & Riverside open 1 hour prior to performances. Our bars at Turner Hall Ballroom open 30 minutes prior. Drinks are sold throughout performances. And yes, you can bring your drink in with you!

I lost my umbrella, do you have a lost and found?

Please email us at lostandfound@pabsttheater.org to check whether lost articles have been found.

I have a disability. Do you offer assistance?

All of our venues have entrances with enhanced accessibility. In addition, The Pabst Theater has a limited number of hearing assistance devices available for use during some performances. Call the Pabst Theater box office at 414-286-3205 to check on availability.

If you are using a wheelchair or are visually impaired, please inform the box office of your seating needs when you purchase your tickets. Elevators are available at all of our venues. To arrange for assistance upon your arrival to the theater, please contact the Box Office at 414-286-3205 at least several days prior to the performance date.

How are seats selected for purchase?

Online seat selection is determined by a computer program that fills seats from front and center, and goes outward and then back row by row. Center sections are filled first, then side sections.

When buying in person and by phone you can discuss your preferences so you are able to choose from any open seats. All methods pick from the same available seats so the odds of getting tickets are the same regardless of method of purchase - for example there are no reserves held only for online (unless we have a special promotion labelled "online only" or "box office" only for example).

Ticketing / Seating

How do tickets sell out so quickly for some shows? Some shows are extremely popular. These types of shows are highly anticipated, and may have literally hundreds, or even thousands of people who want to get tickets right away when they go on sale. If 500 fans all try to buy tickets when they go on sale at Noon, and they all want at least a pair of tickets, over 1,000 tickets will be gone within a matter of seconds. We have had shows with over 5,000 people attempting to buy tickets at the moment they went on sale. Our biggest venue has about 2,400 seats, so only some people are lucky enough to get seats. The ticketing system processes requests in the order received, but when so many orders are submitted at the same time the difference between getting tickets and not can be a fraction of a second.

Why do "better" seats sometimes appear later? - When this happens a few minutes after the show first goes on sale - Some online buyers open multiple windows at the same time and select seats in each window. This "locks" those seats so no one else has access to them. These online buyers then let all the extra windows "time out" so all those seats are released for sale several minutes later. This also happens when customers do not complete their online transactions in the allotted time.

- When this happens during the normal course of a show being on sale - The most likely reason is that the artist's management has determined that the number of tickets that they initially asked us to hold for them was too high and they've decided to release some of these for sale to the general public. Since we are obligated to hold the number of tickets that the artist's management requires as a condition of having the show, we are put in a difficult position. We'd like to offer as many of the best seats as possible to our customers right away when the show goes on sale, but we must honor the artist's requirements, and any changes that the artist asks for later. If the number of tickets released is substantial we will notify our eMembers, and post news of the ticket release on our website and through our social networking channels, but unfortunately all sales are final so we are not able to "upgrade" the seats of anyone who bought previously.

- When this happens on the day of the show - The most likely reason is the same as above - the artist's management is not using all the tickets that they required us to hold for them. If this happens the tickets are usually released after 6pm.

Why is there a time limit on ticket purchases online? The time limit prevents people from indefinitely blocking off seats so that no one can get the chance to purchase them. The system selects tickets in real time and holds them for you. No one else can purchase those tickets while they are held for you. The time limit is based on the normal amount of time it takes to complete a transaction, plus an extra cushion. This reasonable time limit allows others the chance to get the tickets if you let your time expire.

Can I exchange my tickets if better seats become available? Unfortunately we are unable to make any exchanges - all sales are final.

Why is there a limit on the number of tickets I can purchase? Ticket limits are in place to prevent large-scale buying by non-fans who intend to drive up ticket prices by trying to re-sell tickets at higher prices and take unearned profit for themselves. (We prohibit resale above face value and will invalidate any tickets found to be resold at any price above face value.) Ticket limits may be imposed based on customer name, charge card, and/or address. Anyone found exceeding the ticket limit will have his/her tickets invalidated without notice. However, we are often able to sell discounted tickets to groups of 20 or more. For more information please contact us at (414) 286-6200 or groups@pabsttheater.org.

What are the options for purchasing? Tickets can be bought at our box offices, by calling us, and online through our website. In addition, some artists have official fanclubs that sell their concert tickets. These official fanclub sales often happen first, before tickets go on sale at venues, so artists can reward those who are members of their fanclubs.

These are the only ways to get real tickets. There are many online scammers that will claim they are selling tickets, but in most cases they'll take your money in exchange for invalid or fake tickets. Don't get ripped off - only buy from official sources - directly from venues, or from official fanclubs.

What are eMember presales? We often offer advance purchase to our eMembers before tickets go on sale to the general public. To become an eMember simply enter your information on our homepage in the eMember section, call us at (414) 286-3205, or join in person at our box offices. (We do not sell or share email addresses.) We send a unique password for each new show via email to allow advance purchase. Buying during our eMember presales means that the seating selection for reserved seating shows will most often be better because the shows aren't on sale to the general public yet, and for general admission shows there is often early entry a half an hour before doors open to the general public so you can select your seat or the area you'd like to stand before the general public is allowed in. eMembers can buy online, by phone, or in person during the presale.

What does General Admission mean? General Admission means that seating or standing areas are not assigned and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis (like in movie theatres). Tickets are numbered for General Admission events, but the numbers are only for inventory and do not denote any actual seating or standing locations. Having a ticket for a general admission event guarantees that you'll be able to attend the event, but it does not guarantee that there will be a seat.

What are Convenience Fees? Our ticket system provider charges extra fees for the convenience of ordering online or by phone. These fees cover the costs of online security and phone center staffing. The fees can be avoided by buying in person at our box offices.

What happens if a show is postponed or cancelled? If a show is postponed or cancelled we contact every purchaser who gave us contact information. In the event of a postponement all tickets purchased will be valid for the new date - no exchange required. If a show is cancelled those who purchased tickets through our official channels are entitled to refunds. Those who paid with charge cards will get the refunds processed automatically to the card used for purchase - there is no need to contact us. Those who paid with cash must present a photo ID at one of our box offices to claim their refunds.

I don't have my tickets. What do I do? If you ordered tickets through an official channel such as our website, phone lines, or box office and are eligible to have the tickets mailed or to pick them up ahead of time we can reprint your tickets at any time. Give us a call at (414) 286-3205 or stop by a box office with the photo ID of the purchaser and the charge card used to make the purchase. If you must pick your tickets up within 2 hours of the start of the show simply stop in at the box office, present the photo ID of the purchaser and the charge card used to make the purchase, and we’ll reprint your tickets. Reprinting invalidates the originals.

It looks like I was charged more than once for my online purchase. What happened, and what do I do to fix it? You are actually only charged when you receive a confirmation email from us (tickets@pabsttheater.org). If you receive no emails then no money has been transferred from you to us. One confirmation email from us means you paid us once. When you submit your payment information it registers with your bank as a pending charge, so if you submit multiple times (because you entered something incorrectly into one of the required fields such as your billing ZIP code), you’ll get multiple pending charges. Your bank may flag the multiple attempts as suspicious activity and keep your funds in suspense for days or even weeks. The length of time that your bank holds on to your funds depends on your credit standing with your bank. You will only be charged once, but the funds from the other attempts will not be available to you until your bank releases them. We at the Pabst / Riverside / Turner only get paid once, and have no control over how long your bank decides to hold your money from you. As a courtesy our ticket system provider (Tickets.com) has a department that can help you speed up the process of getting your bank to release your pending funds. Please call (800) 352-0212 for assistance.

Ticketing / Tips

Get the best seats:

  • Join our eMember email list – tickets often go on sale to our eMembers before they go on sale to the general public.
  • Artist fanclubs sometimes get the first pick of seats, even before our eMembers. You usually need to be a member of the fanclub before tours are announced though.
  • Wait in line before we open at the box office the day the show goes on presale – if you are here before we open we will ask how many seats you need, where you’d like them, and we’ll block seats off for you while you wait in line.

Buy only from official sources:

  • www.pabstheater.org or www.tickets.com
  • (414) 286-3663 or (800) 511-1552
  • Pabst Theater / Riverside Theater / Turner Hall Ballroom box offices
  • Official fanclub websites (if applicable to the particular show)
    Everything else is fraudulent. No other ticketing websites are authorized to sell our tickets. Never pay above face value – valid tickets never cost more than face value.
  • "Sold Out"? Most "sold out" shows are not actually sold out until the show starts. Artists often release tickets after shows are sold out, and Americans with Disabilities Act regulations require holding seating areas until after shows are sold out. Check back often – monitor Facebook, Twitter, our website, and our emails for ticket releases.

    Save on fees: Buy in person at the box offices to save – you pay no online/phone convenience fees. Also, occasionally shows have a cash discount.

    Terms & Conditions:

    No refunds. No exchanges. We reserve the right to change the method of delivery to Will Call (pick-up at the box office) at any time after purchase. If we make this change the ticket(s) may be picked up within 2 hours of the show's start time and a photo ID and the charge card used for the purchase will be required to claim the ticket.

    Tickets may not be resold for any amount above face value. If the ticket is found to be offered for resale we may invalidate the barcode, refund the ticket price less a restocking charge, and the purchaser will forfeit all fees. The ticket may not be resold within 1500 feet of the venue.

    All performances, performers, dates, and times are subject to change without notice.

    Everyone, regardless of age, must have a ticket to be admitted into the venue.

    Ticketholders are admitted subject to the following stipulations:

    1. This is a revocable license for admittance
    2. The venue and/or promoter may be the exclusive owner of the copyright for this performance
    3. All attendees grant unrestricted rights & licenses for use of their likenesses in any form of public broadcast or reproduction
    4. We reserve the right to search all persons, packages, and bags entering the premises
    5. We reserve the right to refuse admission or eject anyone from the premises due to disorderly behavior without issuing a refund

    Only the venue may determine which is the valid ticket if multiple copies are found.

    All venue policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.

    WARNING! You are at YOUR OWN RISK with respect to the dangers incidental to the event.

    No weapons of any kind are allowed in any of our venues, whether concealed or carried openly.

    Enjoy the show!